Firewalk and breath work day retreat

All about YOU……… a Spring, New Moon, Holistic day in honour of the season and new growth potential in all of us and everything around.
In the Wheel of the Year we honour the season of Spring.
A time of rebirth, innocence, courage, slow emergence, joy and the unfurling of the unknown from of Winter into Spring’s growing light and warmth.
The New Moon Is a perfect reminder that like a seed that is planted in the dark, fertile soil. It holds the potential for growth and transformation. When we align our intentions with this energy at this time, we can plant our own Seeds for growth and manifestation setting the stage for them to grow and flourish with ease.

During this heart-centred gathering we will be, working with nature and the elements of Air, Earth,Water and Fire. We will share ancient and modern techniques, for you to nourish yourself with in the days and months after.
During the day we will be creating simple ceremony together, explore the connection to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and how they can help us to enhance our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, and how we can utilise that for the upcoming year ahead.
We will share what is alive for us in these times of change, challenge and opportunity, as Winter’s cloak gives way to Spring’s light.
On the Day we will have the opportunity to get to know each other, share Breathwork together, Drumming, intention setting, Arrow break, Glass walking, fire starting and to finish the evening of a beautiful Firewalk that we will create together.
There will be fun and laughter, refreshments, a light lunch and a sharing of food in the evening around the Fire.

Every moment we can choose what we want to do..
What will you choose for you?

Our practices will happen at Knarr farm Fire walking centre which is based in Thorney, Cambridgeshire, where a beautiful and well loved place awaits. We will be working both inside the centre and outside in our surrounding nature with the weather of the day. In the company of trees, hedgerows, animals, insects, and the seen and unseen mystery of this place and of these times.
No previous experience is needed to join .

Bring with you offerings for the Earth, flowers or plants from your garden (if you can) a small amount of food to share for dinner, warm clothing, waterproof jacket and trousers, sturdy shoes/boots, your Drum if you have one, imagination and an open heart-mind.
The day is offered by David Elsby of Light and Fire Empowerment and Selina Jones of Nuwave Therapies.
A beautiful blend of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming) empowerment and spiritual practices to facilitate personal growth and wellbeing on multiple levels.

Exchange is £99 for the day for individual bookings and for groups of 5 or more there is a discount, there are options to pay in instalments if you would like, a deposit will be needed to secure a place.
please ask if you want to talk about any of these options.

We look forward to sharing with you.



The event is finished.


Apr 07 2024


10:00 am - 8:00 pm



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