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What people are saying about how firewalking affected them…

{I studied under Peggy Dylan at Sundoor in 2005 and have been leading FearlessFlame Empowerment Workshops & Firewalks in Canada and the USA for the past 17 years. Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education was truly one the best certification trainings I have ever experienced in my life. It was raw and real and forever life changing not only for me but for the 100’s of people who have joined me over the years. I am forever grateful to part of this Firewalking community.
Nancy Chernoff
{I remember my first Firewalk VIVIDLY! A seminar leader, who focused on eliminating personal fears in order to empower peak performance and maximum success, hosted it. Neither I nor any of the other 30 attendees knew in advance that walking on glowing coals would be involved! WHAT A SHOCK! The blessing was that Peggy Dylan was the facilitator for the full Firewalk seminar. Peggy did a masterful job of opening us up to shifting our beliefs about what is possible and what human beings are capable of accomplishing. It was around the Fire that the most valuable learning of my life occurred, Peggy told us that when we are around the Fire to simply ask yourself “Is walking on the Fire in my highest interest at this moment? When body relaxes indicating, ‘Yes’; go to the head of the raked out coals and just walk across.” I asked several times but my body did not relax. The next time I asked, my body completely relaxed. I went directly to the head of coal bed and walked across completely unharmed! No burns, no blisters, no hot spots, no “kisses from the Fire." In that moment I knew that my greatest fear vanished. That fear was that "If I do this or that, one might be a mistake and not be in my highest interest.” I knew then, that my Inner Guidance could be trusted absolutely! Applying that question to every choice in my life since has eliminated doubt, stress, worry and fear of taking a “wrong" action. Realizing the power of the work that Peggy was doing and the amazing benefit to human consciousness, I went to Firewalk Facilitator certification within months. Since then I have observed hundreds of amazing transformations in peoples' lives after walking across the coals at my Firewalks.
Jim Campbell
{In 1999 I was in a dead-end job. I had trained in the Royal Air Force and served for 6 years than then worked my way up to the top of the corporate ladder to become an Operations Director and Chief Engineer. I was depressed and overweight and drank far too much in order to numb my horrible feelings. I had signed up to attend a 4-day leadership course in Warwickshire UK. On the third night of the course, we were presented with a firewalk in the snow!!! I had done most things, worked in RAF search and rescue, climbed snow-capped mountains, jumped out of aircraft, been shot at in combat, trained in several martial arts, raced cars and motorbikes, driven tanks, sailed in naval ships and submarines... This, however, started to really worry me! At first, I simply dismissed it as a trick and didn't really give it much thought. Then we got within 20 minutes of facing the coals. Suddenly it all became very real and I started to panic. Clearly, I did the firewalk, in fact, I did it about 6 times to ensure it wasn't a trick of my imagination. The rest is history. I left the corporate job never to return to employment again.  We have been doing firewalks and other PD courses ever since. It is my first love and I now integrate my original rock music into my seminars. All very exciting and life is starting to get very interesting. Jon Boys CEO The VA Partnership Ltd t/a The Hot Rocks Firewalking Company
Jon Boys

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