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1 month ago

Does anyone else find that being around fire brings them healing?

1 month ago

How much trust do you have when surrounded by people you’ve just met?

Is it See more

1 month ago

There is more to being around fire than you think.

1 month ago

1 month ago
A Sámán szól – Tűzönjáró maszkabál COVER (Kovács Ákos dalának feldolgozása)

This is a video from Tarr Bence László and what he had to say about it. See more

Az elmúlt években több alkalommal is szerveztem álarcos és maszkabálos See more

1 month ago
Firewalking UK

Join Firewalking UK

Join us for a FREE webinar on 8th October at 7pm…

Meet Dan Brulé – renowned See more

2 months ago

What do you love about the fire?

Do you see images in the flames, what can you See more

3 months ago
History of Firewalking | Sundoor

We thought we would share with you Sundoor- Peggy Dylan‘s history of See more

About Firewalking – The History of Firewalking, from one of the foremost See more

3 months ago
Firewalk Gathering

Are you going to the Firewalk Gathering this year?

What is your Passion in Firewalking?
Is it in corporate, self-growth, See more

3 months ago

If we said have you heard of Tameshiwari would you know what it is?

Musashi – Kyokushinkai Karate

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