Rolf Beckman

Certifying Master Firewalk Trainer

Rolf got an academic training as a psychologist and worked as therapist from the mid 70s. In the early 90s he became a consultant changing his focus from individuals to organizations. In 2007 he became CEO for a 200 people company providing service to the social welfare sector. Parallel to this he got certified by Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan as a Firewalking Instructor in 1992. In 1996 he was the first FIT Master appointed by Tolly. Rolf has done firewalks around the globe and has certified 100s of Firewalking Instructors, In 2001 Rolf and Owsa Beckman sold their company to a multinational enterprise. They then created their holding company Eight Directions Ltd. Eight Directions certifies Firewalking Instructors and FIT Masters, but have also been active in breeding show jumping horses, the car racing industry and finance. He has now retired as CEO but still does FITs and Firewalks together with his wife Owsa. He is also a grandfather and enjoys havig lot´s of leisure time.

Steve Consalvez

Certifying Master Firewalk Trainer

Steve is one of only a handful of Master Certifying Firewalking Trainers in the world at his level, and the only one in the UK, certified by Tolly Burkan. Steve has helped train hundreds of new Firewalking Instructors, from over 25 countries. He is founder the Global Firewalking Association and advises on issues relating to ethics, training, safety, legal, publications, marketing and sales.

Kevin Axtell

Certifying Master Firewalk Trainer

Director of The Firewalking Center, Kevin has been personally mentored for over a decade from Firewalking legend Tolly Burkan himself. He has also had the opportunity to learn in person from many of the global leaders in firewalking including: Peggy Dylan, Rolph and Owsa Beckman, John Maisel, and Charles Horton. This has resulted in one of the most well rounded and thorough understandings of firewalking in the world.

Barry Collins

Certifying Master Firewalk Instructor

Barry has trained with Tolly Burkan, Steve Consalvez & Kevin Axtell and is now part of the training team at training new firewalk instructors from around the globe, as well assisting Tolly Burkan on the Empowerment Mastery program. He also presents corporate & charity events touching lives from all backgrounds.