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John Maisel (Hawk)

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Certified Professional Speaker since 2000 by the National Speakers Association Master Prosperity Mentor International Firewalking Instructor since 1989 F.I.R.E. Master Instructor #1 certified by the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education Award Winning Successful Businessman who has demonstrated how to combine a successful business life with an extraordinary Spiritual Life that includes his family and service to Nature. Professional Resource for the Firewalking Movement serving CBS, ABC, and PBS Amercian Broadcasting networks with specific work for the Survivor Television Program, MTV's Road Rules (that program is considered one of the best ever by the Firewalking Founder Tolly Burkan and other Master Firewalking Instructors), and serving as human interest stories for CBS news, ABC news, and the Public Broadcast System. During the beginning of his career he served as an assistant to both Tolly Burkan (The Firewalking Center) and Peggy Dylan (Sundoor) who are considered the founders of the American Firewalking movement. John also trained and certified Charles Horton as a Firewalking Instructor who is currently the owner of the Firewalking Institute of Research and Educations (F.I.R.E.). He was co-author with Gail Baiman and Charles Horton of the first Firewalking Instructor Manual which has been used by the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education as it primary training manual. He has trained and served Firewalking Instructors associated with the Tony Robbins organization in Indonesia, China and Bali. John has been called a "Firewalking Legend" by members of the International Firewalking community because of his long and distinguished career beginning as an assistant to the two founding members of the International Firewalking movement Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan and his participation in the early development and evolution of the Firewalking movement for over twenty five years. He helped facilitate as Geraldo Rivera was taught to walk on Fire before a 19 million viewer television audience. He provided the first MTV Firewalk for Road Rules. He served as an Firewalking consultant for the CBS Survivor television program. He has been a media Firewalking consultant for many years. He was a member of the first group of Firewalking Instructors to be recognized as Certified F.I.R.E. Master Instructors by the Firewalking Institute of Education.

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